About Sensei Cort:


Sensei Blain Cort began training in the martial arts at the age of twelve with Sensei Herb Blue. Initially Blain trained in Wu Ying Tao alone however Modern Arnis was added to his training regiment with his first year with Sensei Blue.

While Mr. Cort began with a typical two day per week training schedule the soon increased to 6  days per week for multiple classes per day. In addition to his exhausted study in both Wu Ying Tao and Modern Arnis Sensei Cort began to study a wide array of other Martial Arts. Sensei Cort’s instructor Sensei Blue encouraged cross training in various martial arts long before the advent of mixed martial arts. To this end Senesi Blue featured up to 13 different Martial Arts at the same time, each taught by a different and highly qualified instructor. While Senesei Cort partook in all of the arts available  he trained extensively in the following systems; Wu Ying Tao, Modern Arnis, Jeet Kune Do, Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Arnis Jitsu, and Western Boxing.  

In addition to the training the Sensei Cort received at Sensei Blue’s school he also served as Master Jose Bueno’s chief Uke. An Uke is the person used as a “dummy” to demonstrate how 


techniques are preformed. It is common for high ranking martial artists to be selected by a master and to used in such a capacity, this is both a great honor and privilege as it allows the student almost unparalleled training. Sensei Cort began to study both Hungarian and Italian Saber Fencing while in high school.

Post high school Sensei Cort enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. While stationed with the 3rd Motor Transport Maintenance Company, 4th Force Service Support Group Sacramento, Sensei Cort taught both Wu Ying Tao and Modern Arnis to the Sailors and Marines. When Blain returned from initial active training duty Sensei Cort took over one of Senseo Blue’s two dojo’s in Shasta County. This has grown into the thriving school that exists today.

Outside of the Martial arts Sensei Cort has worked in the behavioral field for over 14 years.  Sensei Cort is the father of 5 beautiful Children ages 5 through 18. One of Sensei Cort’s most beloved sayings about our school is, “it is a place where families can grow together”.

Guru Blain Cort

Guru Blain Cort